Oleh : Fitri Aryani

The proverb says, “the leader can change hull of rices become gold” or “change sack of money become dust”. It’s mean, the leader is the important thing that determine progress and deterioration of organization.

The leadership is one of the attitudes that is needed by our selves. And the first thing that have to do is lead our selves, it’s mean before we become a leader, we have to lead our selves and then we can lead someone me or the organization.

How do we get the leadership ? We can get the leadership by following the organization. For the example, it’s scouting movement. One of the education patterns in scouting is the ledership. For example in drilling group responsibely. It proves that the leadership is soul of scouts. And the basic character.

In “Boyman”, I think there are some types of the leadership, there are :

  1. Bureaurat type is the type of the leader that obedient, accurate and firm with the rules.
  2. Missionary type is the type of the leader that open minded, helper and familiar.
  3. Development type is the type of the leader that has a lot of creativities, dynamic, good of giving command and believes with his members.
  4. Executive type is the type of the leader that can giving motivation, become guide for his members, diligent ang has good perceptions.

There are some characters that support the leadership of the leader :

  1. Religious
  2. Good mentality and physically
  3. Good spirit
  4. Familiar
  5. Honestly
  6. They have good skills
  7. They firm to take the decisions
  8. Smart and wise
  9. They have a lot of experiences
  10. They are trusted
  11. They can manage their emotions
  12. Equitable
  13. They can give commands, pracess and corrections
  14. They can be received advices
  15. Discipline and responsible

So, come on we make our personality as the leader that responsiblely and wisely by still practice our leadership by following scouting movement. It for our future and the development our country.



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